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Stucco is a beautiful and functional exterior option for any home. Of course, like anything, your stucco isn’t immune to damages and other issues. Over time, your Las Cruces home’s stucco could suffer from a variety of damages that will require a repair — but what problems are those? Knowing the causes of your stucco issues won’t help you to stop these problems from happening in most cases. However, this knowledge could help you to ensure you’re getting the stucco repair work you need to keep your stucco in the best and most beautiful condition. So, what’s causing your stucco woes? Well, just to name a few common issues . . .
There are many reasons why stucco is so well-known among homeowners in El Paso, TX, and Las Cruces, NM. Stucco is strong, it’s not difficult to keep up, and it looks great. If it’s applied appropriately, stucco can last 50 years or more, as long as it’s all around dealt with. The last part is the critical thing: appropriate maintenance. Although stucco is easy to give maintenance to, stucco should be consistently attended to. If not, it’ll end up looking worn instantly, which can cost you more money to fix, and even decrease the value of your home. Keep reading to learn more.


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