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"Engel Coating's team cleaned the existing roof and parapets and applied elastomeric coating over the existing roof. The team was very responsive, thorough, and professional throughout. They were very careful and the roof now looks great. They came when they said they would be here, carefully taped all adjacent surfaces and protrusions (vents, skylights, etc.) and did a great job of cleaning up. The foreman was here at the start of the job and then the team did the rest - they were very good and did not need supervision. They explained what they were going to do each day without being pushed for details. I would definitely hire them again and strongly recommend them to anyone needing this type of service."

Local Customer
"Very happy with results. His workers are very conscientious and courteous. No big messes were created or left behind, all windows and frames taped and covered w/plastic. I also have a service business and I see his work all over town and the people I talk to are also happy with his work."

Local Customer
"Power washed the house, repaired stucco damage, applied 2 coats of elastomeric coating, painted the house, doors, and gates. Also installed seamless gutters. The workers did an excellent job."

Local Customer
"Engel Coatings did a great job. The work was done in a timely manner. Price was exactly what he quoted. I would definitely use again. Thanks for taking care of this for us."

Local Customer
"The 2 workmen showed up promptly on the start date and every day until the job was complete. They were courteous and professional in appearance. Both workers paid very close attention to detail in every phase of the project. Engel Coatings did not skimp on the amount of coatings used and my wife and I are both very pleased with the way the house looks. The crew also cleaned up after the job completely. I received 3 estimates before contracting with Engel and their price was in between the other 2 companies. I would definitely use Engel Coatings in the future and highly recommend them to anyone needing roof coating or stucco work."

Local Customer
"1) power washed roof, applied sealer to all open seams and penetrations and applied two coats of Elastec Solar One (127). 2) trenched around walls, removed light fixtures, power washed walls, repair stucco damage, protect all windows/doors/floors, applied primer on all walls, calked all joints and penetrations where required, sprayed and back rolled two coats of Elast-O-Kote, painted garage door, applied solid wood stain all appropriate areas 3) clean up"

Local Customer
"Engel Coatings was very professional in their approach to identify the required activities and generating an estimate for the work. The estimate detailed specific actions that would be implemented during the work activity (See "What Did the provider do?" above). He also provided over 20 references of persons for whom he had completed jobs. Engel Coatings arrived daily at the agreed start time. They completed the job on-time. Engel Coating's team leader was very knowledgeable and detail oriented thus ensuring a quality performance by his team. Engel Coatings was very accommodating during the entire process. I have no reservations in highly recommending Engel's Coating."

Local Customer


Stucco is a beautiful and functional exterior option for any home. Of course, like anything, your stucco isn’t immune to damages and other issues. Over time, your Las Cruces home’s stucco could suffer from a variety of damages that will require a repair — but what problems are those? Knowing the causes of your stucco issues won’t help you to stop these problems from happening in most cases. However, this knowledge could help you to ensure you’re getting the stucco repair work you need to keep your stucco in the best and most beautiful condition. So, what’s causing your stucco woes? Well, just to name a few common issues . . .
There are many reasons why stucco is so well-known among homeowners in El Paso, TX, and Las Cruces, NM. Stucco is strong, it’s not difficult to keep up, and it looks great. If it’s applied appropriately, stucco can last 50 years or more, as long as it’s all around dealt with. The last part is the critical thing: appropriate maintenance. Although stucco is easy to give maintenance to, stucco should be consistently attended to. If not, it’ll end up looking worn instantly, which can cost you more money to fix, and even decrease the value of your home. Keep reading to learn more.


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