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Stucco is a beautiful and functional exterior option for any home. Of course, like anything, your stucco isn’t immune to damages and other issues. Over time, your Las Cruces home’s stucco could suffer from a variety of damages that will require a repair — but what problems are those? Knowing the causes of your stucco issues won’t help you to stop these problems from happening in most cases. However, this knowledge could help you to ensure you’re getting the stucco repair work you need to keep your stucco in the best and most beautiful condition. So, what’s causing your stucco woes? Well, just to name a few common issues . . .
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Poor Initial Installation

Not all stucco companies are made the same, and this means that many “experts” might provide subpar work. You might not see the downsides to this kind of work from the get-go — but trust us, you’ll see it for sure down the road. This issue will manifest itself as breakages in your stucco and other problems that affect its look and performance.

If you unwittingly pay for an initial stucco installation that’s not worth the money (or any amount of money), you can’t stop issues from developing down the road. However, you can prevent future issues from blindsiding you down the road by making sure you hire only dependable professionals for your stucco needs.

Water Damage

So, you’ve made sure your initial installation was handled by an experienced professional. Stucco issues are no longer a non-issue in your life then, right? Not quite right. After all, there are still external problems that might blindside you, and one of the most common of these problems is water damage.

All it takes is just a bit of water working its way down into your stucco, and the next thing you know, you’ll be dealing with a number of issues: rot, breakages, and the like. So, if you notice these problems developing on your stucco, you can be pretty sure it’s due to water damage.

Physical Damages

Of course, if you pay the money to get a dependable pro to install your stucco, water damage is highly likely to develop. Still, even the best installation in the world won’t be able to stop one of the most unexpected and destructive problems that could affect your stucco: physical damages.

Maybe the weather kicked up and tossed heavy debris into the side of your home. Maybe you’re teaching your teenager to drive and things aren’t go well — at ALL. In any case, the final result will be stucco damages that will need to be addressed as soon as they can be.

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No matter the cause of your stucco problems, one thing is certain: You’re going to want to get them handled by an experienced company. In the Las Cruces area, that company should be the experienced stucco contractors at Engel Coatings Inc. We offer quality stucco repair and restoration work that will get your stucco back in shape.


Having your home painted and stucco surfaces restored is a huge project. You want skilled professionals who can offer you a high-quality, attractive, and long-lasting surface area.
The bathroom area of your home takes more care in finishing and painting than other rooms in your home because it is exposed to high humidity and is one of the most used areas of your home. That means that you need to consider not only the aesthetic appeal but also the protective finishes that help seal it against moisture damages.
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