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For property owners in Las Cruces looking for silicone roof coating, Engel Coatings Inc is the company to trust. We're well-trained and experienced in everything from stucco repair to roof coatings, because exterior restoration is our area of expertise. We work hard each day to ensure total satisfaction from each of our customers.
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Silicone is often used as an effective alternative to roof replacement. If your roof is coming to the end of its life cycle but is in good condition, a layer of silicone coating can be applied to repair and restore it.

A silicone roof coating is sprayed or rolled on in a single or double coat and fills in cracks and other imperfections. Applying silicone won’t improve the insulating properties of the roof or enhance the underlying system, but it’s ideal for the top layer of a roofing system that’s in otherwise tip-top condition.

Installing Silicone For Roof Repairs & Restoration

We know as much about silicone roof coating as we do about stucco repair in Las Cruces, which is vital because it’s also about how exterior surfaces handle the local climate and elements. Silicone is an ideal choice for a roof coating in the extremes we get here.

If you’re thinking about opting for silicone, here are some things you should know about the process:

  • An inspection is performed to gauge the overall condition
  • Dealing with saturation under the membrane is a necessity if applicable
  • Power washing is an essential first step in the preparation of your roof
  • Any repairs deemed necessary have to be addressed
  • Other existing blemishes can be filled in or fixed with the coating

Benefits Of Silicone

One of the most significant and most apparent benefits of opting for silicone coating is the cost. Applying a layer is a more cost-effective solution than replacing the entire roof.

Silicone roof applications extend the lifespan and reduce the need for repairs. Plus, silicone is also referred to as “cool roofing” because of its ability to keep buildings cooler, which means less energy consumption. To find out more about silicone roof coating for your facility in Las Cruces, contact Engel Coatings Inc.


Having your home painted and stucco surfaces restored is a huge project. You want skilled professionals who can offer you a high-quality, attractive, and long-lasting surface area.
The bathroom area of your home takes more care in finishing and painting than other rooms in your home because it is exposed to high humidity and is one of the most used areas of your home. That means that you need to consider not only the aesthetic appeal but also the protective finishes that help seal it against moisture damages.
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